Zion Institute works to break cycles of generational poverty through economic development, education and community engagement.




​Zion's economic development goals are accomplished through business development and job creation. Zion Spirit of Excellence Business Training is a fee-based business training, consulting and technical support service for small businesses and non-profits.  This self-paced training offers 6 sessions of business development training for the aspiring entrepreneur and visionary to help bring their vision to a reality.

Zion's leadership spends time with other thought leaders and shares the knowledge with community to build and strengthen other leaders.

Since 2014, Zion has helped to launch and grow 3 businesses, including one international medical program.


Zion offers education and training to community-based agencies, small businesses and churches in order to build capacity for better service to the community. 
Through organizational assessments and strategic planning, Zion's consultants help to build strong, relevant and sustainable models for programs.  We offer:
  • Organizational Assessments- Identification and diagnosis of opportunities for making your business excel

  • Asset Mapping- Identification of existing assets and resources that can be leveraged to expedite your growth

  • Strategic Planning-  Development of Action Plans and Timelines to keep your team accountable for success

  • Implementation Support- Technical support through the "Internal Transformation Process" as your expand your vision and business 


Zion engages in the launch of new community work that addresses the reported needs of the community.  Since 2010, Zion has pioneered or supported initiatives in:

  • church mobilization

  • public safety 

  • re-entry and recidivism 

  • youth services

  • housing and homelessness 

  • serious mental illness 

  • community and police relations 

  • transit-oriented development (lightrail) 

  • early childhood education 

  • small business development


Our work will continue until there is no longer a need for our agency to exist in South Phoenix.

Contact us today at 602429-9370 for a free consultation.

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